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2012 Annual General Meeting Minutes (Unedited)

18 January 2011 at 5:30pm in Caro theatre, Ballarat. This agenda is available at http://tinyurl.com/6wgjr7d

Meeting is opened at 17:48

The attendance record shows that 59 members are in attendance.


President's Welcome

Confirmation of minutes of the 2011 AGM. http://linux.org.au/meeting/2011-01-26

  Motion: The membership accepts the minutes of the 2011 AGM as
  Proposed: John Ferlito
  Seconded: Joshua Hesketh
  The motion is carried.

Confirmation of minutes of the 2011 SGM. http://linux.org.au/meeting/2011-08-29

  Motion: The membership accepts the minutes of the 2011 SGM as
  Proposed: John Ferlito
  Seconded: Julien Goodwin
  The motion is carried with one abstention.

Reports from 2011 office bearers

President's report:

  Motion: The membership accepts the 2011 office bearers reports.
  Proposed: John Ferlito.
  Seconded: Donna Benjamin.
  The motion is carried.

Secretaries report:

  Proposed: John Ferlito.
  Seconded: Hugh Blemings.
  The motion is carried with one abstention.

Presentation of financials Presentation of Audit Presentation of Treasurers report

Treasurer's report:

  Proposed: John Ferlito
  Seconded: Anthony Towns
  The motion is carried with one abstention.

Audited financial report:

  Proposed: John Ferlito
  Seconded: Terry Dawson
  The motion is carried with four abstentions.

Endorsement of committee activities

  Motion: The membership endorses the actions of the 2011 Linux
  Australia Council.
  Proposed: Terry Dawson
  Seconded: Andrew Pam
  The motion is carried with two abstentions.

Announcement of results of the 2012 LA Council election Returning officer: Terry Dawson.

  • President: John Ferlito
  • Vice president: Michael Carden
  • Secretary: Peter Lieverdink
  • Treasurer: Joshua Hesketh
  • OCM: James Polley
  • OCM: Bianca Gibson
  • OCM:

Nominations for the vacant OCM position are taken from the floor.

  • Nomination: Fran├žois Marier (nominated by Joshua Hesketh & Donna Benjamin) ACCEPTED
  • Nomination: Clinton Roy (nominated by Russell Stuart & James Iseppi) ACCEPTED
  • Nomination: Anibal Monsalve Salazar (nominated by Russell Coker & Russell Stuart) ACCEPTED

Motion: To hold an on-line by-election for the vacant OCM position:

  Proposed: Terry Dawson
  The motion is carried with two opposed.

General business and questions from the floor

Julien Goodwin notes that the sole person attending the SGM who wasn't associated with Google was Jeff Waugh and was disappointed that no other non-googlers attended.

John Ferlito notes there were 20-odd proxy votes from people who could not attend.

Michael Still moves that Jamie Wilkinson is hilariously honest. Seconded by John Ferlito. The motion is carried with 6 abstentions and 1 opposed.

Kathy Reid thanks the council for its work and would like to know to what extent the council does long term strategic planning; eg: 10-15 years.

John Ferlito says that the council does shorter term (2-3 years) strategic planning, but no longer term. John notes that the council does most of the planning work and that often when volunteers are called for, there is a very low level of response.

AJ wants to know what you'd actually end up doing when on the advocacy subctte?

John notes most work is in the media subcommittee atm.

John would like a sponsorshop subctte to provide an on-going relationship with long term sponsors for events.

Miriam Hochwald would like to see diversity grants for female students, as is being done by other events and organisations.

John says that conferences and groups should submit grant requests.

James Bromberger says he has managed to quadruple the size of PLUG over the past year. The LUGS could do with reinvigoration, probably via grants of tickets to events.

Donna Benjamin suggests that LA should decide to fund a regional delegate programme.

PyCon got its diversity sponsorship from Google and not from LA.

John would like a sponsor to fund the RDP.

LCA2011 had less interest than expected from local students.

Jeff Waugh notes that Linux is no longer where it's at for open source.

Joshua Hesketh would like more volunteers to help reinvigorate the community, rather than have the council do it.

Michael Still ran the RDP in 2005 and notes that some states only had a single nominee, so more nominations should happen for the RDP to be reinvigorated.

Ryan Stuart suggests the council should write position descriptions for the council and volunteers. People are more likely to help out if they know what is expected of them and what sort of time commitment they're making.

AGM Close 18:30

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